Meet the inhabitants of the openGalaxy

“We have erected great monuments in your honor. Your wisdom shows us the path we need to live by.”

Nubian Queen- Inhabitant of the openGalaxy

Nubian Queen

“You are not alone in the openGalaxy. Together your pantheon is a force to be reckoned with.”

Unicorn- Leader of Capricorn Cluster


“I know that you exist. I just don’t understand how.”

Mad Genius- Inhabitant of the openGalaxy


“The land, the oceans, the trees and all the animals — it all belongs to you!”

Tangata Whenua- Inhabitant of the openGalaxy


“I will lend you my unique powers to conquer your rivals and become a galactic leader.”

Deep One- Leader of the Pisces Cluster


“I can’t wait to rock out at the pyramid on planet KNOWLEDGE-9826”

Rock Star- Inhabitant of the openGalaxy